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Updated: Saturday, 28 March 2015

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NLP Core Skills Course


4 April 2015

5 days of NLP


The New Forest


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10 reasons to choose a Pegasus NLP course

  1. Practical, in-depth NLP - in a refreshing and uplifting setting

  2. For people who like to think for themselves

  3. Time to practise what you learn, as you learn it

  4. You have choice in how you learn

  5. Activity-led multi-level learning

  6. Based on how NLP was ‘invented’

  7. Develop skills through doing

  8. KISS – keep it so simple!

  9. Value for money

  10. We want to impress you…

Plus we guarantee our courses


NLP is an ever-evolving body of information, insights and techniques that can enable you to improve how you think, behave and feel - and to assist others in doing the same.

Becoming skilled in NLP will enable you to:

  • Do whatever you already do reasonably well even better

  • Acquire skills and attitudes to do what you cannot do right now, but would like to be able to do

  • Communicate more effectively with others

  • Think more clearly

  • Manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours more effectively.

Here are Pegasus NLP we are committed to providing very high quality skills-led training. That is why we are one of the Founder Members of the Professional Guild of NLP. Our NLP certification training programmes conform with Guild standards, code of practice, and guidelines and are recognised by the Guild and its member organisations.

1. Very practical training in a refreshing and uplifting setting

You learn through doing and exploring. So you get the essentials on applying NLP in the areas of most interest to you - and you recognise the potential to further explore each topic as you develop your skill and your experience after the training.  

At NLP Core Skills (this is Part 1 of the our Certified NLP Practitioner programme) in the New Forest you are in a peaceful learning environment surrounded by woodland so we can guarantee you get to breathe fresh country air rather than traffic fumes or hotel air-conditioning.

In breaks and before and after training sessions you can explore, go for walks in the 60 acres of woodland and lakes, and discover some of the great variety of flora and fauna.  And we are situated within the huge New Forest National Park, which is great for longer walks, runs, or bike rides.

During training sessions you can go outside to practise the skills you are learning... where you may find your audience will include squirrels, rabbits or pheasants. (See the Gallery for some photos.)

2. Designed for people who like to think for themselves

We respect your intelligence, your integrity, your individuality and your experience. At a Pegasus NLP workshop you will not be talked at nor provided with pre-digested ideas-to-be-absorbed.

Instead you are encouraged to think for yourself, make your own discoveries and learn through exploring the subjects as part of a small 'learning team'.

Nor are you treated as a ‘student’… we use an ‘adult learning’ approach in which you learn actively through facilitated exercises, explorations and discussions. And we value the wealth of life experiences and skills that you bring to a training; see our article on none of us is as smart as all of us.

What's more nothing is sacred; everything is open to challenge and discussion. And because of our small learning teams policy you have lots of time and opportunity to talk about what you are learning.

At our trainings you do have to think! You are an active participant at all times - everyone gets to chip in and agree, disagree, question, challenge, talk about their own experiences, ask for clarification, etc. And because we replace the authority-led training with a team-with-facilitator approach you really do have to think for yourself - which, of course, makes what you learn much more memorable.

3. Time to practise what you learn

You are not 'one of the crowd' on our NLP courses. Our small learning teams policy ensures that you will be part of a learning team of around 10-16 people rather a a huge audience of 100's.

So you have the time and the space to get to know people, ask questions and challenge what you are learning, learn from the experiences of other participants, have plenty of time for practising what you learn, and have on-going access to and feedback from the course facilitators.

4. You have choice in how you learn

We all learned best and fastest when we were very young and were learning through play and exploration.

On our NLP Core Skills programme in the New Forest you have lots of choices for learning through play, taking part in challenge activities and team games, going for sense-development walks and exploring the High and Low Ropes Challenge courses - see the article on activity-led learning.

It's easy to say 'our trainings are fun' and most training organisations make this claim. Our version of fun is a bit different - and comes from a deeper attitude that is difficult to describe succinctly. It is based on: 

  • Ensuring that everyone experiences the learning situation as safe, win-win, free, non-authoritative, open-minded, and respectful

  • Cultivating an atmosphere in which there are no 'mistakes' - only opportunities to learn more - and no 'wrong' answers - only valid explorations and opinions

  • The belief that the better we can access the playful side of our nature the better and more easily we will learn. 

So our 'lectures' are really interactive discussions where you can say what you feel. You do not have to adhere to 'rules' - simply respect others' needs. We emphasise the positive - without ignoring the negative. And we perceive every experience as having a valuable learning hidden within it

5. Activity-led multi-level learning

Our training workshops and courses address all ‘levels’ of your personality. Instead of simply teaching you a few NLP techniques we provide experiences that enable you to also learn at the emotional and attitudinal levels.

We use a wide range of accelerated learning approaches and because of our emphasis on learning-through-discovery you are likely to find you will retain the learning better.  A common report, from people who have attended our trainings, is that they find themselves using many of the skills and insights without even having to think about it.

6. Based on how NLP was ‘invented’

NLP developed out of a fresh, creative and innovative approach to existing knowledge. In Pegasus NLP we do the same with NLP and with how we present it. And we continually question our approach to NLP in order to develop it further, keep it fresh and vital and to ensure that the potential of NLP is maximised.

NLP grew out of a process called ‘behavioural modelling’. John Grinder and Richard Bandler wanted to know what accounted for the different results that different people achieved - both their successful and the unsuccessful results. So the authentic spirit or attitude of NLP involves curiosity, desire to learn, fun, adventure and an interest in what makes people trick, including ourselves. 

This is why we emphasise modelling in our trainings. The activities provide you with the opportunity to model or learn about what accounts for successful or unsuccessful performance, enjoyable or un-enjoyable experiences, efficient or inefficient thinking strategies, etc. And you will not just be modelling others - you will be modelling yourself and, in doing so, constantly improving your ways thinking, feeling, doing, etc.  

7. Develop skills through doing

There is a huge difference between knowing and doing. Listening to inspiring and entertaining presenters can increase your knowledge and your belief in your ability but does little for your skill. And the enthusiasm rarely lasts more than a week or two (so you have to return for another dose of enthusiasm later).

At Pegasus we aim to ensure that you leave the training considerably more skilled than when you arrived. That way you will impress others and they will want to attend our trainings, too. It's a "win-win" approach that works!  Easy... people who take part in our trainings get noticed for their high level of NLP skills - and we get lots of referrals. Read what people say about our workshops.


We do not take short-cuts. We know that learning a range of NLP skills and developing an NLP attitude and approach takes a little time. We have consistently followed the "thorough NLP" route providing only full-length, full-syllabus NLP practitioner certification workshops and courses. You can do NLP 'certification' trainings in a lot less time, though not necessarily for much less money, but we know our customers can recognise that it's simply not possible to develop the same amount of skill in a 7- or 10-day NLP Certification Workshop as in a 20-day workshop.

Confidence vs. competence

Attending a shorter workshop can enable you to feel lots of confidence in what you have experienced. But you are unlikely to develop the competence that comes from doing, practising, interacting and discussing - critical elements in any skills training. There is simply not enough time in the accelerated courses to do more than describe many of the skills - and install hypnotic suggestions to ensure you feel confident in what you have learned.


We aim to provide the highest quality of NLP training available anywhere and we use the Kaizen principle of continuous small improvements to ensure that you receive the best possible training experience. Our team of Certified NLP Trainers bring to the training workshops a richness and depth of knowledge that comes from having trained in full-length, full-syllabus NLP certification programmes, from years of practical experience of using NLP in many fields, and from the experience of working as a dedicated Pegasus training team presenting you with a cohesive and integrated training programme.

8. KISS – keep it so simple!

In a letter George Bernard Shaw is supposed to have apologised for the length of the letter saying that he did not have time to write a short letter...  It takes more time and effort to design, structure and condense complex ideas into a letter - or a training. We aim to make your experience of NLP effortless but stretching by carefully designing and sequencing the concepts you encounter in our trainings while ensuring that they are simple to grasp and fun to learn. “ (The quotation is also attributed to Mark Twain and to Blaise Pascal.)

9.  Value for money

We provide you with excellent value for your money by maintaining very competitive training fees while keeping attendances very small. We limit numbers to ensure you have access to, and receive individual attention and guidance from, our Certified NLP Trainers. 

In addition, on both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner programmes you will be applying your new skills and insights to your own personal and professional development through designing and implementing a project of your choosing, so you will see the immediate results of your investment.

10. We want to impress you…

There's a story about a woman who had, on successive evenings, dined with the famous adversarial politicians Disraeli and Gladstone. Asked about her impressions of dining with these two great men she replied "When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr Gladstone I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But after sitting next to Mr Disraeli I thought that I was the cleverest  woman."

We want you to leave a Pegasus NLP training very impressed ... with yourself, your abilities and your own potential...


Further help in choosing the right course for you



With our NLP Core Skills course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you we will give you your money back. Just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee - plus accommodation fee if you've stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.



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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP


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