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Updated: Thursday, 26 March 2015




NLP Core Skills Course


4 April 2015

5 days of NLP


The New Forest


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NLP & Outdoor Activities

When you take part in our NLP Certification Training courses you have the opportunity of exploring a range of outdoor activities which can include the High and Low Ropes courses, raft-building, forest or coastal walks, and team challenge games. In addition our venues have access to the countryside or large gardens so that you are able to do some of your learning outdoors

For example, in NLP Core Skills you will have the opportunity of going for a gentle woodland walk while exploring some the key NLP Principles, of doing the Low Ropes Challenge with a team of fellow participants, of exploring your senses of hearing and feeling through a blindfold walk in the woods, and finishing the course with the wonderful High Ropes experience.

Linking the 'classroom' with everyday life

At Pegasus NLP we began using NLP with outdoor activities back in 1999 after many years or running conventional hotel-based NLP training programmes. So we now have 10 years experience of blending such activities with NLP  and have seen how this considerably enhances the quality of our course participants' understanding of NLP and especially their ability to apply it in a wide variety of practical applications after the course.

Exploring your own beliefs and attitudes

While none of our outdoor activities are physically very strenuous they do offer you the opportunity to extend yourself emotionally and to explore your own beliefs and values and to discover that you may be capable of a lot more than you believe is possible for you!

What's more all of the activities provide you with opportunities to make choices about what you would like to do and what you would like to opt out of. This is because we use the challenge by choice philosophy to ensure that each person makes the most appropriate choices for themselves and everyone else in the team acknowledges and respects such choices. (Thus making participation and opportunity for each person to examine their own boundaries, beliefs, and self-expectations!)

Explore the following articles for further information on how we integrate NLP with indoor and outdoor activities:

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Mind and Body? The role of the mind-body connection in NLP.

Is NLP too cerebral? personal wonderings on this theme.


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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP





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