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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Be aware of the risks of having all your eggs in one basket
The 5 stages in moving from Dreams to Reality
Manage your job interview - with NLP skill
NLP and The Low Self Esteem Habit
How to hate...
Verbal Landmines (1)
Anchor Hunting
NLP and the cost of unfinished business
How we cause our own feelings
NLP: Protect or Suffocate
Procrastination Habit 1
Procrastination: deal with it now2
Do it or don't do it - just don't try!
NLP: add years to your life - and life to those years
NLP and the 10% New Approach
Are you stretching or shrinking? (1)
NLP: Focus on what you do want! 1 of 5
NLP and Negative Anchors 2 of 5
NLP: Have more energy
NLP and the Triangle of Health
Deal with Negative Self-Talk 1
Deal with Negative Self-Talk 2
Deal with Negative Self-Talk 3
NLP and the value of 'negative' moods
Negative beliefs and your health
Negative Self Hypnosis
Negative Anchors: No Blame!
How to beat insomnia
Deal with anger
Reframe, reframe...
The Disappointment Process
Panic Demystified
How to be prejudiced
Paralysis by analysis
How to deal with unfair criticism
Find a Therapist
Comfort, Stretch, Panic revisited
NLP & Memory
Make your own day!
Soft Eyes - Peripheral Vision
Let's get away from it all
NLP & Self Consciousness

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6 September 2014


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The Pegasus NLP Newsletter Archive (1):

NLP in stress and self management

The following articles explore how you can use NLP in managing your thinking, your moods, and your reactions to people and to situations. Many of the topics overlap into the other archive categories -- so be sure to also check these out, too.

  1. It's not just what you eat - how you eat is even more important

  2. How to eat an airplane! - some NLP tips on how to deal with major projects

  3. All your eggs in one basket - the risks of being dependent on too few sources

  4. Dreams into Reality - the 5 stages in making dreams come true

  5. The Job Interview with NLP skill - how to proactively manage your interview

  6. NLP and the Low Self Esteem Habit how we develop low self esteem

  7. NLP and Negative Anchors and why positive thinking (often) doesn't work

  8. NLP and the Triangle of Health - a balanced approach to using NLP in your life

  9. NLP and utilising Negative moods - what to do before you get rid of a negative mood

  10. NLP and the Zeigarnik Effect - the emotional cost of unfinished business

  11. Negative Anchors: No Blame! Positive thinking has little impact on negative anchors

  12. You can try or you can do - but not both The role of the little word 'try' in your thinking and communicating.

  13. Stretching or shrinking?  Comfort, stretch, Panic revisited (read the earlier article first - see towards beginning of this list)

  14. Get outside your comfort zone!  Use Karl Rhonke's comfort, stretch, Panic model to stay flexible.

  15. Fear-paralysis  Too much thinking and analysing can be hinder action and lead to paralysis by analysis.

  16. Protecting or Suffocating? Who's driving your bus? Who causes your feelings?

  17. The Procrastination Habit (1/2) How procrastinating affects us

  18. The Procrastination Habit (2/2) Taking action to deal with the procrastination habit.

  19. Dealing with Negative Self Talk (1/3) Negative self talk is a major factor in our unpleasant moods...

  20. Dealing with Negative Self Talk (2/3) Reducing your un-helpful self talk

  21. Dealing with Negative Self Talk (3/3) Have fewer reasons to self talk by having mini action plans

  22. Health, Beliefs & hypnosis...  What we expect or believe can affect out health

  23. Memory loss?  Memory - and the 'use it or lose it' principle!

  24. How be disappointed!  Using NLP to model how we 'disappoint ourselves'.

  25. Reframe setbacks & difficulties  How to use the NLP art of reframing to handle difficulties and setbacks.

  26. NLP Modelling and 'hatred'  Using NLP to understand the mental and emotional dynamics of how we hate.

  27. Panic Attacks Demystified  The first action step in dealing with panic attacks is to understand them.

  28. Negative Self-Hypnosis  Your self-talk is your on-going silent chatter. Is this building you up or undermining you?

  29. The Anger Habit  How to understand and begin dealing with your 'short fuse' habit.

  30. Improve Your Sleep  Mental, physical and emotional ways of beating insomnia.

  31. Anchor-Hunting  Understand and reduce the impact of negative anchors.

  32. NLP and Escapism: Let's get away from it all!

These are on our Mind-Body Health site

  1. One day at a time Deal with big tasks one step at a time.

  2. Anger & victim thinking  The dilemma: they 'make' us angry - yet we cannot change them!

  3. Leave it behind you  Like the title says... leave it and move on.

  4. Anxiety and panic tips  Practical tips and information for handling anxiety and panic symptoms.

  5. Road Rage  Understand and deal with road rage - yours and theirs!

  6. Caffeine & health The risk over-doing things and getting 'caffeine nerves'.

  7. Ageing and your attitude  Beware of allowing negative messages about ageing to affect you.


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