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6 September 2014


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The Pegasus NLP Newsletter

The Newsletter was first published on 1st February 2000 and is a source of practical, how-to information, tips and techniques (including NLP) for feeling more in charge of you - your moods, your body, your relationships, your career or business and your future. 

It is published every few weeks and each issue has a single topic - and a related blog article on the Pegasus NLP Blog where you can comment or ask questions about the newsletter topic.

You can read our current Newsletter here

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The Newsletter and Articles Archive is in 5 sections:

There is a huge archive of newsletter and other articles for you to browse through - some on this site and some on our sister siteFor convenience we have loosely grouped them into five categories:

(1) NLP and self management & stress

(2) NLP in communication

(3) NLP and goals and values

(4) General NLP Newsletter articles

(5) More NLP Articles, Tips and Techniques




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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP