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Updated: Sunday, 25 January 2015

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7 March 2015


The New Forest


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NLP and the High Ropes course


At Pegasus NLP we have been using the High Ropes Challenge on many of our NLP courses since we began running NLP courses in the countryside - nearly 14 years ago.


The High Ropes session is exciting and fun - and can be a bit scary when you're actually climbing.

The session is also an excellent opportunity to stretch yourself. And because we always run the session near the end of a course so it's a great time to really stretch yourself - and to use your new NLP skills to prove to yourself that you can achieve more than you believe possible.

What is the High Ropes

You're standing in a pine wood. The ground is slightly springy because of decades of falling pine needles. You and your friends from the course have kitted up with helmets and safety equipment. And you look up at the tall straight pines in which the Ropes Course has been built.


Most of the activities involve climbing the tree trunk using the metal rungs embedded into it. You are completely safe from falling since you have a safety rope attached to your harness. Yet that doesn't quite register for most climbers - it's still scary.


And the top of the activity is about 10 metres or 30' above the ground. That's about the height of two double-decker buses, stacked one on top of the other...

Scary? Yes, at first

For most people the High Ropes session is initially quite scary; fear of heights is very widespread. But, by the time you get to the Ropes you you will have learned lots of NLP tips for managing your thoughts and feelings - and for feelings more comfortable doing things like this. Which is the purpose of the Ropes course, after all.The High Ropes course - most activities are the height of two double-decker buses

You make all the decisions...

Nothing is compulsory on our courses - especially on our outdoor sessions. This is one central principle which runs through everything we do is Challenge by Choice. This means that you choose the what you do. You choose how far you go with it.


Not only do you choose but everyone else unquestioningly accepts and supports your choice. Simple. Pressure-free.

Why the High Ropes?

So why do it? Because it's fun - and because it may well provide you with enduring proof that there's a lot more to you than you thought there was!

  • How do I deal with unfamiliar situations?
  • Do I handle stress by being supportive of myself -- or by giving myself a hard time?
  • To what extent do I allow my assumptions, about other people's expectations of me, to influence my performance?
  • when other people are climbing do I support them -- or do I become so wrapped up in my own preparation from my own session that I ignore them?
  • to what extent do I live within my Comfort zone -- and to what extent do I stay fresh by exploring the Stretch zone in my daily life?

We do a High Ropes session towards the end of NLP Core Skills, NLP Practitioner Part 2. We also have an advanced version of the High Ropes on our annual NLP Master Practitioner Programme.


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All our activities support the Challenge by Choice principle.


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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP



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