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Welcome to Pegasus NLP!

We've been been around for a while - for over 30 years in fact - running very practical NLP introductory courses, and well as Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses.

This means that you experience in-depth training based on years of practical use of NLP in business, management and leadership, coaching, training, therapy, and team development. 

And on our courses you learn NLP in an inspiring setting. You are in a 66 acre woodland estate, with two lakes, in Hampshire's New Forest And you are only about 2 hours from London, Oxford, Exeter, or Bristol! 

NLP Training Courses

On a Pegasus NLP training course you experience in-depth personal and professional development training which, since 1999, have incorporated the great High Ropes and Low Ropes courses to provide a valuable extra dimension to self exploration and development and practical ways of developing your emotional intelligence.

NLP information, tips, and techniques

You can access well over 100 articles about using NLP in your life and relationships via our Tips & Techniques page.Pegasus NLP courses are held in this Norwegian style lodge

What exactly is NLP?

It's not easy to describe is in a few words - but,m undaunted, we've had a go - and you can read more about NLP, it's strange name and its history through our pages on what is NLP?

Our unique NLP NLP Core Skills

On our 5-day NLP Core Skills course you learn NLP thoroughly and interactively. You're not attending a light-weight NLP introductory course, either, because this is also the first part of our full-length, full-syllabus Practitioner Certification Training. So you're learning in-depth NLP right from the start.

To provide a thorough immersion the course runs over 5 consecutive days (Saturday to Wednesday) away from it all, and with a small team of similarly motivated people, in the UK - in The New Forest in Hampshire.

You can travel to the course daily or stay on-site in the comfortable Norwegian-style lodge where the course is held. Click here for details of this and all of our NLP courses.

The Pegasus NLP - the 6 differences

1. Small groups

On a Pegasus NLP course you are part of a small, informal learning team of around 12-16 rather than an audience of 100's.

2. Experience

On our courses you benefit from in-depth experience. We have been running NLP-based courses for nearly 30 years.

3. Practical

We want you to be able to use your NLP techniques from the day after your course. That's why we continually seek to make our approach to NLP fresher, more down-to-earth. more jargon-free, and more-hands-on.

4. Interactive

On our NLP courses your learn interactively and you primarily learn by doing and discussing.

5. Part of a learning team

We aim to incorporate the experience and skills of everyone attending. A typical course will have a varied mix of people including managers, coaches, team leaders, teachers, IT specialists, people aiming to develop themselves, people transiting between jobs or careers, and self employed business people. (See 'NLP applications' below.) 

6. Recommended

With so many different NLP organisations to choose from you may like to check: What people have said about Pegasus NLP courses.

Plus... since we believe that NLP is best learned in a multi-sensory manner, rather than by passively listening to entertaining speakers, you will find our courses are practical and hands-on.

Plus... we include outdoor activities including the Ropes Course on all of our courses to help you 'wire-in' your new NLP skills.



With our NLP Core Skills course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee - plus accommodation fee if you've stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.



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